AI in Robotics: A Promising Investment Opportunity

Apr 14, 2023

The robotics industry has made substantial progress, but wide spread adoption remains limited due to challenges in control and movement planning. Currently, addressing these challenges involves time-consuming and expensive setup processes, requiring a team of engineers to program paths, trajectories, and specialized algorithms for each application. This approach constrains the accessibility and versatility of robotics across various sectors.

A potential solution is to leverage modern AI, such as natural language processing (NLP)capabilities of large language models (LLMs) like Chat GPT, to create a more generalized approach to robotics programming. By developing an AI-driven system that learns the mechanics and environment of a robotic arm from blueprints, 3D models, or live camera feeds, setup costs can be significantly reduced, and AI can quickly adapt trajectories as needed.

Addressing these challenges might be daunting, as AI needs to have a precise physical model of the world to succeed. However, I believe the capabilities of LLMs are already more advanced than what is required. LLMs contain a wealth of knowledge about the world and various domains where robots can be used, making the task potentially more manageable than it initially appears.

Dima Bovykin, Managing Partner at Light Ray Ventures, said: "I see immense potential in teams working on such systems, and our fund would be eager to support their efforts in accelerating the widespread implementation of robotics. By providing financial backing and guidance, we hope to contribute to the development of groundbreaking solutions in robotic control and movement planning"