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Light Ray Ventures invests in Synapticon, a leading company in integrated motion control market

January 27, 2022

On January 27, 2022, Light Ray Ventures announced its participation in Series C of Synapticon, led by Stabilus. Synapticon is a leading provider of motion control solutions for robotics and industrial automation industries. This round of funding will be used to continue developing Synapticon's technology and expanding its reach in the industrial automation market. With Light Ray Ventures' investment, Synapticon is well-positioned to continue its growth and success in the years to come

«2019 by 2021, many new customers have started to integrate our technology into their products. These numerous design-ins and design wins are now gradually moving into series production, so that our unit numbers are increasing immensely, as expected,» Nikolai Ensslen is pleased to report - «The global demand for machines used in production, logistics and many other areas is continuously increasing. At the same time, however, the requirements are becoming ever higher and can usually only be met with even more hardware and higher costs. This is where we are heralding a paradigm shift with our Integrated Motion solutions»

Nik Ensslen


«Synapticon is a very exciting and promising enabler of future-oriented robotics and manufacturing automation. The company's international team has an immense amount of experience to show and is able to dramatically improve the performance of hardware in the field of robotics with new ideas and sophisticated software,» explains Dima Bovykin, Managing Partner at Light Ray Ventures - «All experts expect a boom in the coming years in the areas of collaborative robotics, autonomous transport systems and in the automation industry in general. Here we see Synapticon as both a driver and a profiteer»

About Synapticon

In the past five years, Synapticon has brought several new products and technologies to market with its "Integrated Motion" strategy, which makes the development and production of robots, autonomous transport systems and similar products much simpler, faster and more cost-effective - with significantly higher performance. The company is thus addressing a rapidly growing market that is looking for new solutions.