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Light Ray Ventures Leads Series C2 Funding Round for Synapticon's Continued Growth

December 15, 2023

Light Ray Ventures has taken the lead in the Series C2 funding round for Synapticon, a notable player in integrated motion control solutions based in Germany. This round is a combination of equity funding from Light Ray Ventures and venture debt contributed by Claret. This investment marks a significant step in fostering the expansion of Synapticon, known for its impactful products in the robotics and Automated Mobile Robots (AMR) markets

«Our solutions enable manufacturers and developers to build more efficient and safer devices, speeding up the introduction of new products in the market» Nikolai Ensslen, the Founder and CEO of Synapticon, spoke about the role their products play in advancing these industries. He further noted the increasing demand for Synapticon’s products, underlining the need for capital to scale up operations and meet market needs effectively. Ensslen expressed appreciation for the support from Light Ray Ventures at this crucial juncture, stating:

Nik Ensslen


«The investment from Light Ray Ventures, complemented by Claret’s venture debt, is instrumental in our growth strategy. It provides us with the necessary resources to expand our reach and fulfill the growing market demand more efficiently»

About Synapticon

In the past five years, Synapticon has brought several new products and technologies to market with its "Integrated Motion" strategy, which makes the development and production of robots, autonomous transport systems and similar products much simpler, faster and more cost-effective - with significantly higher performance. The company is thus addressing a rapidly growing market that is looking for new solutions.